1. Coffee: Around the House

    The next time you brew some San Joaquin coffee, instead of immediately pouring out unused coffee, or throwing away those other coffee beans you were using before you found San Joaquin, take a look at this list of other uses of coffee around the house that you may have not thought of. 1. Pour extra coffee into an ice tray: If there is leftover coffee in the morning, put the rest into an ice tray, …Read More

  2. For The Days in the Sun

    As spring starts to come around and the days get warmer (and longer), you may be needing that boost and flavor of coffee but not the warmth you needed in winter. At San Joaquin we love it when our customers become excited for learning about coffee, whether that be the brewing process, specific recipes or how versatile it is.  So we thought at San Joaquin that we would walk you through the cold b…Read More

  3. Fresh Air Roasted Coffee

    One of the common questions that we receive here at San Joaquin Coffee Company is, "What is air roasted coffee and how does it make your coffee taste better? Are there other ways that coffee is roasted? " Which is a great question! The beginning stages of roasting coffee beans is mostly focused on getting the moisture out of the coffee bean so that it can be brewed by you in your home. Coffee tha…Read More