The quality of your water greatly affects the end result when making a cup of coffee!

Are you having trouble making good coffee? If you are buying freshly roasted beans and grinding them yourself, and your coffee is not tasting good, you should check the quality of your water. What kind of water are you using? Remember, coffee is over 98% water!  If your water isn’t great, your coffee won’t be either!

  • Tap Water – Tap water naturally contains minerals. If your water is overly saturated with minerals, it can’t absorb anything.  This means that during the brewing process, it will not properly extract the coffee flavor, leaving you with an under- developed, flat tasting cup of coffee.   In addition to flavor, hard water (water containing minerals) can cause a buildup of calcium in your espresso machine. If you are not sure if your tap water is good, have it tested.


  • Soft Water – Soft water generally refers to the absence of minerals in the water.  Distilled water and reverse osmosis water is water that has had all the minerals removed from it. This type of water generally causes over-extraction when brewing, so we do not recommend using soft water for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.


  • Carbon Filtered Water – Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a bed of activated carbon to remove chlorine, sediment, compounds, taste and odor from water. It leaves behind the desired minerals that enhance the flavor and extraction of coffee.

We recommend using freshly drawn, filtered water for the best results with your freshly roasted coffee beans!

Use Filtered Water For Coffee
Use Filtered Water For Great Coffee