As spring starts to come around and the days get warmer (and longer), you may be needing that boost and flavor of coffee but not the warmth you needed in winter. At San Joaquin we love it when our customers become excited for learning about coffee, whether that be the brewing process, specific recipes or how versatile it is.  So we thought at San Joaquin that we would walk you through the cold brewing process for those special mornings you feel like making yourself an iced coffee on the way out the door.

The first step takes a little planning on the night before, so the coffee can be refrigerated overnight. So, mix finely grounded San Joaquin coffee with filtered and clean water in a French Press. One part of coffee for every four parts of water is about the right ratio, if you want a stronger tasting iced coffee then one part coffee to three parts water is fine too. The next step is to stir the cold brew, both the grounds and the water, but make sure you leave the plunger on your french press to the side, once it is stirred, go ahead and place the entire press in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, take the press out of the fridge and now press down the plunger and pour the steeped coffee into your choice cup filled with ice cubes. Then go ahead and personalize your iced coffee with milk, sugar, caramel or chocolate, and enjoy your warm day in the sun!