The next time you brew some San Joaquin coffee, instead of immediately pouring out unused coffee, or throwing away those other coffee beans you were using before you found San Joaquin, take a look at this list of other uses of coffee around the house that you may have not thought of.

1. Pour extra coffee into an ice tray: If there is leftover coffee in the morning, put the rest into an ice tray, you can use the cubes for iced coffee the next morning so your iced coffee wont be as diluted with normal ice cubes.

2. Fix scuffed up furniture: If you take those extra coffee grounds and rub them on wood furniture that has been scratched by kids or from just normal wear and tear, you should see an improvement right away.

3. Repel insects: Most insects and animals are actually disgusted by the smell of coffee instead of being attracted to it. You can also use coffee grounds to get rid of odors that you do not want in your house. Just place a bowl of coffee grounds where you are trying to get rid of an odor. Additionally, whole beans you do not intend on brewing are a great decoration and smell great!

4. Remove grease: Coffee grounds can be used to remove grease from pots and pans because they are organically strong and coarse.

5. Compost: If you cannot find other ways to recycle your coffee, coffee grounds are great for composting and do not smell. Coffee grounds also work as a fertilizer if you have a garden.