Hello Coffee Lovers!

Today I’m going to share a little tip with you to make your whole house smell amazing with no chemicals or fake odors!  The best part is it uses my favorite ingredient, Coffee!

I love a house that smells like baking and cooking.  For me the real aromas are so much more satisfying than the fake ones that come in a bottle or a plug-in air freshener.  I have purchased many of those in the past, drawn in by the promise of the smell of rain or fresh washed linens.  Without fail, after several hours, the odor gives me a headache or makes me nauseated, and so yet another air freshener is put into the back of the cupboard to be cleaned out at a later date when I don’t feel so guilty about tossing it.

My quick little trick is super cheap and easy to do! No trip to the store is necessary for this one!  It uses two ingredients, coffee and water. Simmer on the stove in a saucepan, adding water as needed throughout the day.

Simmer Coffee For Natural Air Freshener
Simmer Coffee Grounds For Natural Air Freshener… Quick, Cheap and Amazing!

I have tried using both ground and whole coffee beans. My personal favorite is grinding them coarsely, like you would for french press coffee, and then adding water to fill the pan.  Either method works, it just seems to give more scent with the ground beans.

What? Yes, it’s really that simple. You can make it more complicated if you want.  Sometimes I add a dash of vanilla or throw in a stick of cinnamon. Feel free to experiment with your adding favorite ingredients. Mmmmm… Inhale the wonderful aroma.

Here is my magic formula:

  • Aprox. 1 cup coffee beans, coarsely ground
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tsp vanilla or one cinnamon stick (optional)

Mix all ingredients in medium size saucepan.  Simmer on low heat, checking  every few hours to see if you need to add water.  Do not let it boil dry.

That’s it!  Easy, quick and cheap. Smells divine.

At our house we have a never ending supply of fresh roasted coffee beans, and sometimes, just sometimes, I can’t drink that much coffee.  I really can’t stand to throw away good coffee, so I use it for much more than drinking.  That is what inspired this blog post.

I hope you try this out and let me know how it works for you!

Happy Friday!