We know that coffee is delicious and gives us some get up and go in the morning, but did you know that coffee can perform extraordinary household tasks or be used in unique ways?

Here are five unique uses for coffee that we love:
  1. Kill smelly drain scents with coffee grounds. If you pour a cup of coffee grounds down the drain or the garbage disposal area then add some boiling water you can eliminate the odors.
  2. Ants do not like coffee. Sprinkle a trail of coffee grounds around the foundation of your home to keep them out and sprinkle some around their ant hills and you can eradicate these insects.
  3. The coarseness of coffee grounds can be used to clean a stain resistant surface. Because coffee has gentle abrasive quality (and smells great) you can use grounds to clean ash trays or even stove tops or other surfaces that will not pick up the coffee color.
  4. Coffee can help your garden grow! If you add a small amount of coffee to the soil it will balance natural acidity and could help your plants thrive. Coffee grounds can also be tossed into your family’s compost pile.
  5. Now that winter may be moving into many parts of the country, did you know that if you use some coffee grounds in the hearth of your fireplace it makes it easier to clean it? The grounds make it easier to sweep up the ashes and they also keep the ashes from floating throughout the house.
What unique uses have you found for coffee and coffee grounds?