1. Toasted Almond Iced Latte Recipe

    Warm weather is finally here.  Yay!   I love starting the day with drinking my coffee on the patio where I can listen to the birds sing and soak up some sunshine.  Ahem, due to me not really being a "morning person", it can be fairly warm already by the time I make my coffee and head outside.  Then, the hot coffee just doesn't quite cut it.  Don't be hating, all you hot coffee drinking people…Read More

  2. Brazilian Cafezinho with Milk (com leite) Recipe

    Have you ever tried cafezinho? With steamed milk?  I was introduced to this Brazilian way of making coffee while on vacation recently.  While I don't normally sweeten my coffee at home, I drank it like the locals while I was there.  It is sweet, dark and milky.  Very different, but in a good way! While I was in Brazil, I took note of how the locals made it, and have since learned to make it at…Read More

  3. Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee – “Making a Difference, One Cup at a Time”

    We have a special new coffee we would like to introduce to you! Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee! This medium roasted coffee is mellow and smooth, has a rich nutty flavor with notes of chocolate and flowers.  This is a medium bodied coffee with lower acidity and a buttery mouth feel.  It is grown at high altitude in the wet mountainous area of Haiti, in the same type of soil as Jamaica's B…Read More

  4. Coffee: Around the House

    The next time you brew some San Joaquin coffee, instead of immediately pouring out unused coffee, or throwing away those other coffee beans you were using before you found San Joaquin, take a look at this list of other uses of coffee around the house that you may have not thought of. 1. Pour extra coffee into an ice tray: If there is leftover coffee in the morning, put the rest into an ice tray, …Read More

  5. For The Days in the Sun

    As spring starts to come around and the days get warmer (and longer), you may be needing that boost and flavor of coffee but not the warmth you needed in winter. At San Joaquin we love it when our customers become excited for learning about coffee, whether that be the brewing process, specific recipes or how versatile it is.  So we thought at San Joaquin that we would walk you through the cold b…Read More

  6. Fresh Air Roasted Coffee

    One of the common questions that we receive here at San Joaquin Coffee Company is, "What is air roasted coffee and how does it make your coffee taste better? Are there other ways that coffee is roasted? " Which is a great question! The beginning stages of roasting coffee beans is mostly focused on getting the moisture out of the coffee bean so that it can be brewed by you in your home. Coffee tha…Read More

  7. Good Water + Good Beans = Great Coffee

    The quality of your water greatly affects the end result when making a cup of coffee! Are you having trouble making good coffee? If you are buying freshly roasted beans and grinding them yourself, and your coffee is not tasting good, you should check the quality of your water. What kind of water are you using? Remember, coffee is over 98% water!  If your water isn't great, your coffee won't be ei…Read More

  8. Maple Pecan Latte Recipe – Naturally Delicious

    Good morning!  Today I am going to share a new recipe with you, a latte that is naturally sweetened with organic maple syrup, combined with one of our best selling flavored coffees... Toasted Pecan! I am a huge fan of all things pecan.  I add pecans to salads, dessert crusts, ice cream toppings, and once even crusted some fish with finely chopped pecans (yes it was good!).  Lately I have been t…Read More

  9. Simmer Coffee Grounds for Natural Air Freshener

    Hello Coffee Lovers! Today I'm going to share a little tip with you to make your whole house smell amazing with no chemicals or fake odors!  The best part is it uses my favorite ingredient, Coffee! I love a house that smells like baking and cooking.  For me the real aromas are so much more satisfying than the fake ones that come in a bottle or a plug-in air freshener.  I have purchased many of …Read More

  10. Caramel Brulee Latte Recipe

    Good Morning! It's Monday.  It's cold and raining.  It is the last week we have at home before we leave for the Great White North for Christmas.  With all this churning through my sleep deprived brain,  I realized this called for more, much more than my usual 2 cups of coffee.   I needed a little something extra to make this day feel festive.  Logically, I started with opening the refrigera…Read More