Just as specific wines go with specific foods, so too do specific coffees pair better with specific foods. There are some very classic food and coffee pairings that you can enjoy whether you’re at home or out at your favorite coffee shop.

Here are some of our favorite coffee and food partners:
  • Blueberries go quite well with Kenyan coffees while peaches and plums pair better with Tanzanian coffees. When you’re pairing fruits and coffee you want to make certain to steer away from sour fruits as that can diminish the taste of the coffee.
  • Chocolate is a delicious treat on its own but when you pair it with a robust espresso you heighten the tastes of both treats.
  • Pair chocolate cake with a medium or dark roast coffee or even a silky, chocolate-based Guatemalan brew.
  • Dark chocolate pairs best with a dark coffee such as a Brazilian or Ethiopian.
  • Milk chocolate treats get along on the palate when you pair them with a Sumatran, Kenyan or Colombian blend.
  • Try a slice of carrot cake with a Colombian cup of coffee.
  • Colombian and Guatemalan beans, with their chocolate and caramel notes are ideal with cinnamon flavored treats.
Just as we’d written about inviting your friends over for a coffee-tasting party, why not plan a coffee-dessert pairing party!