In many areas of the country autumn has made an appearance and winter will not be far behind. With that in mind, we offer some rituals for those cooler mornings, but in truth, these coffee rituals are ideal for anyone, anywhere, any time of the year!

Here are our favorite morning coffee rituals:
  • Before you indulge in your morning cup of coffee, start the day with a glass of water. Starting the day with water gives your body a jump start toward a healthier day.
  • When you buy a high quality coffee it shouldn’t need to be “enhanced” with any additives like cream or sugar. These additives take a healthy drink and turn them into a “chemical bath.” If you’re going to use an additive, use a natural one such as almond milk and use honey or agave nectar if you need sweetness. We pride ourselves on selling beans that are so smooth you can drink it black. Perhaps if you need the additives you should try a higher quality bean!
  • Amp up the antioxidant benefits of coffee by adding some spices to the ground coffee such as cloves, cinnamon or cardamom. For something a bit different and delicious add fresh herbs like chocolate mint or tarragon.
  • Coconut oil is a tasty, and healthy, addition to your cup of coffee. The oil is an ideal source of fatty acids and immune boosting lauric acid.
  • As with anything you do in the morning, turn your coffee time into a relaxing ritual that will help you ease into your day. Take the time to inhale the scent of the beans as you grind them, breath in the aroma as it brews and then settle in with your coffee and sip it slowly… your morning work can wait a few minutes!
What routines do you have to heighten your coffee enjoyment?