One of the common questions that we receive here at San Joaquin Coffee Company is, “What is air roasted coffee and how does it make your coffee taste better? Are there other ways that coffee is roasted? ” Which is a great question!

The beginning stages of roasting coffee beans is mostly focused on getting the moisture out of the coffee bean so that it can be brewed by you in your home. Coffee that is not roasted correctly results in coffee that can taste bitter or sour. Air roasting coffee uses hot air to move and concentrate the roasting process of the coffee beans, removing the moisture equally from each bean. The beans are placed on a hot bed of sorts, and the air is spread across the beans evenly so each bean is roasted to perfection. When we say hot air, it can really get hot, around 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The other way that coffee can be roasted is through drum roasting, which is where the beans are placed in a gas-heated rotating drum, which with the constant movement of the beans, it is not guaranteed that each bean is roasted evenly. Have you ever been annoyed with leftover popcorn kernels at the bottom of a bag? Drum roasting is a little like that, it is capable of roasting a higher number of beans at a time with less space, but that does not mean each bean is roasted to its full potential.

During the air roasting process of the coffee beans, there is a series of pops and cracks that the bean undergoes at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Those pops and cracks signal that the moisture is being extracted from the bean and it is getting closer to becoming the high quality coffee that you brew. Using this process, we here at San Joaquin Coffee Company get the most out of each coffee bean before you even taste it.