The word, “Fairtrade” seems to be talked about in many areas of our lives — grocery stores, teas, clothing and even in our coffee. What dos it mean? Fairtrade coffee means that the product you’re purchasing is grown and sold in such a way as to make a positive impact on the lives of the people who are working with it.

At its core Fairtrade is about living wages, better working conditions and better trade terms for workers and the farmers. It also helps support the development of communities that enable the workers and the farmers to have a better life and a better chance for a brighter future.

Fairtrade purchases also allow you to do a little part in connecting with the greater worldwide community and supporting them in their steps toward a better life. This process typically benefits the small-scale farmer who is valiantly trying to make a living for himself, his family and the workers he employs.

When you buy fairtrade you are empowering those involved in the production of the end product. What can the purchase of fairtrade coffee mean to the producer and the community? Here are a few items:
  • Fairtrade coffee purchases means you are helping to ensure the farmer gets a fair price for his beans.
  • With fairtrade purchases it is very easy to trace your purchase back to its original source and this can help assure high ethical production standards.
  • Buying fairtrade items helps improve the lives and wages of the individuals employed on these farms.
Do you ever purchase fairtrade items?